The fireflies blinked on and off again among the leaves.  Kara laid on the hammock with her best buddy Ella the Pug.  She gazed at the sky as the sun melted away and the moon provided light.
“Oh look, Pug,” she said.  “I see the first star tonight. I am going to make a wish.”
She wanted to close her eyes to make the wish. But Kara was afraid she would miss a falling star; the luckiest of them all. So instead, Kara continued her star gazing.
“Look, Pug!” Kara screamed as she jumped from the hammock. She rose so fast that poor Pug was lifted from the hammock into the air falling directly into Kara’s arms. “It’s there,” she exclaimed. “It’s falling. We must follow and see where it lands.”
Kara ran fast. She carried Pug into the woods, every now and again stopping to track the star.
“There it is,” Kara pointed above the trees as she and Pug continued deeper into the woods finally reaching the babbling brook.  The sounds of the brook at night were far scarier than in the daytime. The ripples splashed as Pug took a drink of the fresh water.
Thankfully there was still a little moonlight streaming in between the trees. Kara and Pug stopped by the running water. With Pug on the ground at her side, Kara twirled around and around, her head cocked so far back she got dizzy.
“Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit.” The sound came from up stream.  Pug began to bark at the large toad on the slippery rock.  “What are you doing in the woods this time of night?” Toad said.
“We watched a star fall from the sky and we’re headed to see where it lands,” Kara told Toad.
“I want to see, too,” Toad said hopping from rock to rock following Kara and Pug as they continued the journey deeper into the dark woods. Pug had little legs and a short snout and could not move as fast as Kara.  Tired out. Pug sat and barked at Kara as if to say “I can’t go much farther. Are we there, yet?”

“Come on, Pug,” she said.  “I know we are close. The star has disappeared near the horizon at the end of the meadow.”
The reflection of the fireflies flashing amber on and off again helped guide Kara, Pug and Toad to the open meadow.   Pug laid in the cool grass and barked at Kara.
“I’m not sure yet where it is, Pug.  Maybe Owl has seen it.”
“Whooo.  Whooo. Whooo.” Owl called from the large oak tree.  “Whoooo are you looking for, child?”
Pug moved behind Kara as the big orange eyes of Owl blinked down at them. “The fallen star,” Kara said.  “We watched it fall into the horizon.  Do you think it is stuck in one of the trees yonder?”

The fireflies finally caught up.  Hovering under the pine tree where Owl was perched, they listened closely.
“Oooooh,” Owl began. “What you saw is a streak of light.  It looks like a star has fallen from the sky.”
“Whatit? Whatit?” Toad tried harder to listen.
“Yes,” said Owl. “It is not really a star.  The reflection of light makes it appear a star has moved and fallen to the ground.  But it is not Soooooo.”

Owl blinked his big orange eyes again and spun his head around until it looked like he disappeared. With his wide, round eyes open, he fluttered his wings to balance himself on a lower limb.  He wanted to be closer to his audience.

“They may appear to have an enchanting glow as the stars that twinkle above.  But they are actually tiny pieces of dust and rock.  When they hit the earth’s atmosphere, they burn up.”

“I think Owl is right about this,” Toad croaked.
Kara sighed.  She laid down into the cool grass in the meadow and stared again at the night’s sky. The shining, bright stars from the sky, the moon so full it looked as if it would spill out and fireflies blinking amber lights around her.
“Thank you, Owl.” Kara said.  “I will now tell every star above just how wise you really are.”

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